The Animal Project Foundation (APF) provides financial assistance to various rescue organizations doing outstanding work so that they may continue their work and focus on what they do best while we do the fundraising. We provide help where help is needed so that as a community, we will give forth our best efforts to change the situation for homeless animals across the country.  The only way we will succeed in our mission is to collaborate with other rescue programs, giving our support where our support is needed.  We also are developing original programs. (See below)   Join us and get the red button below.


The Animal Project Foundation provides financial assistance and grants to smaller organizations who are providing superior assistance in the animal rescue community.  

To rescue an animal from suffering a sad and lonely death in a city shelter or out on the streets, there are many steps and and there are many costs along the way.  Many of these animals have been discarded and have wandered lonely and hungry for long periods of time and need some time to be rehabilitated so that they will be ready for adoption to the right person or family.

Some of the costs can include: 

Urgent Medical Care, Spay and Neuter, Training, Medical prosthetics, Rehabilitation, Transportation, Food, Bedding, Boarding and Socialization.  


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Organizations receiving support from APF:

(current 1/1/14 - 8/25/14)


All Species Adoption Program

Amanda Foundation

Angeldogs Foundation

Cat Connection


Emerald City Pet Rescue

Forever Home Pet Rescue

Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation

Heaven on Earth Society for Animals


ICARE Dog Rescue

Kittitas County Friends of Animals

Meoowz ResQ

Mutts N Stuff Small Dog Rescue

OC Small Paws

Pepper Foundation

Pet Companions for Cancer Survivors


Rock & Rescue

Spay/Neuter Project of Los Angeles

SPA Rescue

Stray Cat Alliance

Animal Adoptions


​There are so many wonderful animals who have been rescued and are looking for their forever homes.  Please take a moment of your time to look through these wonderful animals who are waiting for you to come and get them.  They are ready for love and have so much to give you.  Remember, they need us...but we need them as well.

Love is the most beautiful thing in this world.

But the love of an animal is the purest thing in this world.

Everyone should experience this type of love.

--carrie ann