So excited to be a part of this initiative.

LA County has allocated over $100,000 for this next fiscal year to spay and neuter cats with $50 vouchers, which will be applied to the costs of the spay and neuter surgeries. Thank you LA County!!!!!!

I'm proud to say that we at The Animal Project Foundation will be donating the remaining costs for the spay and neuter services provided by The Lucy Pet Foundation, so the services will be 100% FREE on October 16th at the Lancaster and Baldwin Park locations. WE salute you LA County! And we Salute you LUCY PET FOUNDATION for all your incredible work. It's an honor to partner with you! And we salute YOU the pet parents who do the right thing and spay or neuter your feline friends.

Please be a responsible pet parent. Spay and Neuter your fur babies to help end the pet overpopulation crisis! PLEASE SHARE this far and wide to help those who could use the vouchers to take care of their feline family members.

Call 855-499-LUCY to make your appointment. We will be providing this for the first 100 people who call so call NOW!

Thank you! xo


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